Spacious Luxury

A hideaway within a hideaway, each room envelopes you in endless comfort, from the moment you step in. As wave after wave of tranquillity bathes you in delightful bliss, life outside the room ceases to exist, as you are whisked far away to your own little sanctuary where time stands still. Sink into restful bliss, furnished with pure Ceylon teak. From the plush king-sized bed to the coffee table, every piece of furniture sports a rare texture with aesthetic appeal; the finest of tropical wood, found exclusively in certain parts of the island; such as Thalawa, Anuradhapura, Oddusudan and Vavuniya. In a gracious nod to modern luxury, smart technology cradles your place of rest in a whisper of comfort; as automated keycards grant you personalised access and mood lights guide your way in the dark, indulge in lush comforts made to envelope you in a world of bliss.

Nestled amongst the picture-perfect scenery, each ground floor oasis quietly applauds the crashing waves and nature's rarest rock pools that ripple mere feet away. Taking their seats high in the air, as though floating above the golden coast, the upper floor havens revel in the magnificence of the outdoors as vistas of the blues, the lighthouse and the beach explode all around.