A Hub Of Coastal Wonders

Roughly a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Colombo, the small fishing town of Dondra, also known as ‘Devundara’ or ‘Devinuwara’, is situated at the Southernmost tip of the island, in close proximity to Matara.

Poised on an elevated terrain, just feet away from crystal clear waters, Beacon by the Bay boasts of a panoramic location in the city, with Dondra's biggest highlights all visible in one frame, from every angle.

Renowned until the late 16th century as a temple port town complex, Dondra was home to a religiously significant site containing revered statues. This site was taken under royal patronage and was maintained by a number of Sinhalese kings and merchants over the years.

Standing tall on its ground, the Devundara Devalaya and the Gal Gé are iconic testaments to history, rooted in ancient folklore based on Lord Vishnu and the age-old tale of Rama and Sita.

Bringing the streets of Dondra to life is a close-knit community of villagers, travellers and tourists. Take a stroll in the city as you witness the locals on their everyday routines, ambling from residential precincts to densely packed commercial centres, located merely a stone's throw away.

With the city skirted by the Indian Ocean, most locals rely on fishing as a convenient and rewarding profession. Catch a lone fisherman out at sea, hunting a fruitful haul or bringing in their marine treasures at sunset.

Experience a day or more on the coast as the warmest Sri Lankan smiles invite you in for a getaway to remember. From the well-versed local who takes you through the city's monuments and tales of old to the culinary craftsman who serves up traditional wayside dishes, this is local life at its best; vibrant, unwavering and welcoming.

Renowned as a top tourist destination, this Southern fishing town is an endless trove of captivating features, each more enthralling than the other. Explore the city's mysteries as you wander along the coast and indulge in the joy of all that's Dondra.