Exquisite Local Fare

While spices sizzle in clay pots and delectable aromas waft through the air, tuck into an explosion of local flavours, fresh off the fire. Choose from a wide variety of dishes and discover the secrets behind the local culinary arts found only in the South, as it comes together right before your eyes. Tuck into a meal of the coast; plate up the day's catch and seasonal produce, as culinary craftsmen hailing from the village whip up traditional recipes promising nothing but best dining experience.

Pick out your own greens, vegetables and fruits from the garden and savour the taste of homegrown goodness, freshly made into a snack or beverage just for you. Dine indoors in luxurious comfort or outdoors on the landscaped lawn, serenaded by the crashing waves. Choose from a private dining venue, bathed in tranquillity, or take in the captivating coastal view from your in-room balcony as you settle to dine in.