A Tropical Sanctuary Of Bliss

As the sea breeze bathes you in cooling coastal reminders, step into a haven that welcomes, comforts and rejuvenates you in much-awaited bliss. While an architectural retelling of the lighthouse’s warmth shines through in every corner, savour the enticing flavours of golden solitude, with a trove of never-before-seen tropical marvels to explore and the joyful knowledge that bustling local life is only a stone’s throw away. Discover the story behind Beacon as you drink in the full glory of the view before you; every corner of the oasis is blessed with a clear, undisturbed view of the historical Dondra Head Lighthouse, the rippling waves and the Dondra Beach, all in one frame.

Intricately hand-cut from ‘miris gal’, traditional grinding stones used in local kitchens, stone tiles spread out to form the parking area, just yards away from the villa for your convenience. Stroll into your own little oasis of luxury, a butler-serviced paradise dressed in the latest technological comforts and tucked away amongst the tropics. Feel the calming hues and airy interiors take your cares away as you sink into a plush couch while the ocean breeze bathes the living room. Dine indoors in tranquillity, in the outdoors accompanied by nature or even at the sea-view balcony in your room; at Beacon by the Bay, the possibilities are endless.

Bubbling away, a delightful jacuzzi invites you in for a steaming bath; laze in the sun-splashed waters with your little ones and take in nature’s majesty from a front row seat. Cool off under the glorious sun in the open-air infinity pool that blends in with the hue of the sea, as though stepping into your own part of the ocean. Tumbling down into the pool, a waterfall whisks you away to a little sanctuary surrounded by nature, where water showers down on you in glory. A perfect balance of nature and luxury, made to love.

Climbing high above the greenery, you reach the entertainment room for a blissful lounge on the couch, laze away in front of the TV or play a game of chess or cards while the ocean breeze bathes the room in cooling gusts. Floating above water at the edge of the open-air seating area, the pool lounge is a haven of wonder; be transported to the top of a waterfall as unspoilt vistas of the lighthouse, the azure waves and the bustling beach unravel all around you.

Outside the villa, stroll into a Garden of Eden, where a walking track guides you along the edge of the coastal rocks, your very own home away from home, mere feet away on your left and miles of sun-speckled blue on your right. As the sea breeze washes over you, settle down at a table and drink in the raw explosion of colours at sunset. As every late afternoon brings with it a delightful low tide, the ocean dribbles its way past outcrops, forming your very own natural rock pool. A rare gift of nature, perfect for the whole family (including the little ones), while more secluded rock pools promise complete privacy just a few feet away.

Be whisked away into the chuff and whistle of an 1860 Ceylonese railway station, as railway sleepers over 150 years old line the garden. An appreciative nod to the island’s vibrant history, these sleepers were sourced from across the country, tirelessly carried for miles along the Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Ella railways. As the faint smell of oil lingers in the air even after all these years, marvel at the delightfully old markings chipped away with time; a remarkable testament to history, noticeably absent from modern-day sleepers.

Wander across stone stairways to a private little beach, hidden away amidst the trees from immediate view. Sink into the soft sands, wade into the blues and revel in a golden slice of the coveted tropics in complete privacy. Just beyond the trees sprawls the Dondra Beach; stroll into the heart of local life, as the beach pulses with frolicking vacationers and fishermen haul in their day’s catch. Revel in the best of both worlds, right here on the Southern coast.