Regally nestled at the Southernmost tip of the island, in a tranquil hideaway overlooking the ocean, Beacon by the Bay is an exceptional sanctuary; a paradisiacal boutique villa where tropical luxuries and coastal bliss transcend brick and stone.

While the Dondra Head Lighthouse, which towers overhead provides a guiding light for wandering ships, Beacon by the Bay is a haven of warmth, comfort and welcoming natural luxury, that draws in the weary traveller for some much needed respite.

It’s a never-before-seen oasis of tranquillity, that continues to offer the gifts of nature, within and beyond its rejuvenating walls. Beacon by the Bay is an architectural marvel that lets you soak in its coveted view of the lighthouse, the ocean and the beach from every luxurious angle.

With tropical features so magnificent that it demanded to be more than a mere private holiday home, Beacon by the Bay is a labour of love, built to compliment and not compete with its surroundings. From stretching the limits of architecture to transforming a pre-existing rock into a bed, to lining the garden with 150 year old railway sleepers, a rare marriage of nature, history and luxury indulges you in the very best that the island has to offer. Be captivated in a tropical sanctuary that gives back to the community; as home-cooks from the surrounding village find an income in crafting your dish, tuck into pure local gastronomic bliss in the glorious outdoors or in the comfort of the indoors. Be whisked away on a getaway as close to nature as possible or host your own gathering amidst a treasure trove of coastal wonders. Immortalise your wedding vows overlooking the golden shores, light up a crackling barbeque or enhance your team spirit as you indulge in team-building exercises with your co-workers. Beacon by the Bay; an experience to remember.